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The Boyle Somerville Prize was a prize for Royal Naval officers who distinguished themselves in the pursuit of meteorology. It was a cash prize to be applied to purchasing books.


Paraphrasing the Navy List of 1957 very lightly, a fund was established in memory of Rear-Admiral Henry Boyle Townshend Somerville (deceased in March, 1936) for the purpose of awarding a prize to encourage research work in connection with the science of meteorology.

The prize was to be awarded annually to an Officer in the Royal Navy, or one of the Commonwealth Navies, whose work during the period under review is adjudged to be of particular merit in connection with the development of meteorology and its application to naval operations. Special consideration will be given to any original papers indicating a voluntary effort additional to the author's normal duties.

No prize was to be awarded in any year in which no work of sufficient merit is brought to the notice of the Admiralty. The amount of the prize will not exceed £10 in any one year and shall be expended in the purchase of books and/or instruments and/or other articles as approved by the Admiralty.

No officer was to receive the prize more than once, and candidates were considered annually by a committee consisting of the Hydrographer, the Director of Naval Air Warfare and the Director of the Naval Weather Service.

If officers were judged to have co-operated, the cash prize could be split accordingly.


Year Recipient Notes
YEAR William Alfred Bishop
1938 Stanley Walter Croucher Pack[1] for paper: Long Range Forecasts in S.W. England

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