Bosanquet Papers at the National Maritime Museum

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A list of the papers of Captain (retired) Henry T. A. Bosanquet in the possession of the National Maritime Museum, London.

The papers were presented by Captain Bosanquet between 1953 and 1958. These include seven volumes of personal papers and newspaper cuttings, 1879 to 1955 (BOS/1-7). Bosanquet's service afloat is covered by logs and watchbills, 1883 to 1894. Bosanquet's notes on historical and technical subjects are elsewhere in the Museum manuscript collections.


Album of news paper cuttings. 1879 - 1911


Album of news paper cuttings. 1911 - 1921


Album of news paper cuttings. 1889 - 1929


Album of news paper cuttings. 1927 - 1935


Album of news paper cuttings. 1935 - 1941


Album of news paper cuttings. 1941 - 1949


Album of news paper cuttings. 1949 - 1955


Autobiographical material: 'A summary of the seven terms in training on board HMS BRITANNIA, Dartmouth, showing the numbers in each term rising from Lieutenant to Admiral of the Fleet on the Active List'. These are term notes from Boanquet's time as a cadet (See individual records).


Naval Career: notes on naval survey work on the coast of Australia aboard HMS PALUMA 1892-5


Naval Career: manuscript charts of Cape Grenville to Piper Island, Australia by H W H Helby 1893


Naval Career: hydrographic department photostats of charts of Kenya, East Africa made by Capt F W Owen and Cdr A T E Vidal in 1822-6 and by Lt Balfour in 1889


Collection of Hydrographic Office charts: 1 chart of the Orkney Islands; 3 charts showing parts of the North Atlantic Ocean; 2 charts showing the West Coast of Africa (Cape Verde to Cape Naze and Cape Verde to River Cacheo); 1 chart of the East Coast of Australia (Claremont Point to Cape Direction); 1 chart of the world; 2 charts showing the track of the German light cruiser EMDEN in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere between July and November 1914, drawn by Bosanquet while employed by the trade division of the Admiralty. c. 1890 - 1940


Naval Career: miscellaneous notes on HMS PALUMA, surveying etc n.d.


8 folders: Marine Society: Notes and articles collected by Bosanquet, n.d.


Marine Society: notes on Jones Hanway, founder of the Marine Society n.d.


Marine Society: correspondence of Capt Bosanquet relating to the Marine Society and the Society for Nautical Research n.d.


3 folders of Marine Society correspondence relating to the Banda vase n.d.


Notes on Swords: naval swords and dirks n.d.


  • BOS/19/1 Notes on Swords: naval swords in the National Maritime Museum: Officer's Swords .n.d.
  • BOS/19/2 Notes on Swords: Correspondence with the National Maritime Museum regarding the publication of a catalogue of naval swords and dirks that Bosanquet was working on.
  • BOS/19/3 Notes on Swords: The Naval Officer's Sword (II). n.d.
  • BOS/19/4 Notes on Swords: Nelsonia: Swords captured at Copenhagen, the Nile and Trafalgar, n.d.


Notes on Swords: naval swords in other museums n.d.


Notes on Swords: Nelson swords and Nelsoniana n.d.


Notes on Swords: Notes on naval swords in private ownership, sword cutlers and surgeons' and other naval uniforms n.d.


Naval Swords: Notes on Origins of naval slang, fencing, various swords belonging to Lt Col. Calderon and Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Hopson, and correspondence regarding a 'Nelson' pistol and pistol bayonet.


Notes and correspondences on Swords: Notes on Regulations concerning Swords for both the Army and the Navy., n.d.


Bosanquet's diary for 1948


A notebook describing changes and developments in the Navy between 1805 and 1896, possibly for publication. The inside cover contains a dedication to' Lilian Campbell- Colquhoun'.


Volume of press cuttings covering naval topics, obituaries and correspondence.


Correspondence (and Annual Report) with the Marine Society. 1955 - 1957


(no such record, it seems)


3 files of notes and correspondence concerning the Phillipp's Collection of Nelson manuscripts (see Croker collection ref CRK). Includes transcripts, extracts and cataloguing notes, n.d.

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