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Commander (retired) Alfred Gustavus Foote (16 April, 1887 – 16 July, 1943) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Foote was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on the Supplementary List on 1 April, 1913. On 7 August, he married Vera Eva Christine Maclachlan in Glasgow.

In July, 1914, the Tsar of Russia presented Foote with the Gold Medal for lifesaving.

In July 1917 he received a favourable evaluation for having commanded T.B. 27 in "a satisfactory manner" but in January 1918 after a collision between Acasta and S.S. Clan [illeg] which killed three men in Acasta, he was described by Captain (D), Fourth Destroyer Flotilla Arthur Edmund Wood as being below average and being better suited to a big ship. As a consequence, he was appointed to Tiger on 13 January, 1918. He remained in her until being asked to report to the Admiralty on 14 February, 1919.


Foote was placed on the Retired List on 21 March 1919 as unfit.

Foote was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander (retired) on 1 April, 1921.

World War II

Foote was appointed to a post in Sydney Australia in September 1939, to Penguin, additional. Foote was promoted to the rank of Commander (retired) on 28 January, 1942 and continued his work.

Foote was appointed in charge of a Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship Algiers (or possibly a role at that port) and apparently died in this role in an explosion on 16 July 1943.[1]

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