160 Footer Class Torpedo Boat (1900)

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Britain ordered a final thirteen first-class torpedo boats called 160 Footers before fully transitioning to using solely destroyers.

Common Characteristics

Three trainable 18-in tubes on the deck, two on the beams forward and one centreline aft.[1]

Three 3-pdrs, arranged in the same pattern.[2]

In mid-1904, the Royal Navy ordered the replacement of two 5-barrel .45-in Nordenfelt machine guns with .45-in Maxim guns on each of 57 first-class torpedo boats. This figure must have included most or all of this class.[3]

First Thornycroft Design

The first four Thornycroft boats displaced 185 tons, and made 25 knots on 3000 I.H.P..

They could only steam 6 hours at full speed.

Second Thornycroft Design

The next five Thornycroft boats were larger at 200 tons and delivered the same performance, but also with poor endurance.

White Boats

The four White-built boats were larger yet at 219 tons, and delivered the same 25 knots.

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160 Footer Class First-class Torpedo Boat
First Thornycroft Design
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Second Thornycroft Design
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White Boats
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