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|&amp;nbsp;||align=center|&lt;small&gt;&lt;small&gt;Our 3D models, artwork and research expertise may be available for licence/hire.&lt;/small&gt;&lt;/small&gt;||&amp;nbsp;

'''The Dreadnought Project''' is a naval history wiki focusing on naval history in the period 1880-1920, with a side-project in [[Sim:Main Page|3D simulation]].

The wiki started in 2006 and now comprises articles on over 8,300 people and 5,000 ships.  We have listed over 23,800 ship captains and linked and cited our articles profusely.

The Dreadnought Project is intended to augment rather than compete with the vast information available on Wikipedia, whose policies bar editors from using primary source materials and from doing original research.  By contrast, our articles exploit our large and growing library (currently well over 50,000 pages) of original documents, affording a natural opportunity to advance public knowledge by bringing more information out of the world of archives and closed collections and into a place where a Google search can find it.

If you'd like to become an editor, and you possess a fair amount of zeal, a natural desire to learn and share your discoveries and a willingness to conform to our editorial style and help refine it, please [ contact us].

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