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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20070801144146" timestamp="2007-08-01T14:41:46Z" ns="0" title="Royal Fleet Auxiliary" />
        <page value="20070814122706" timestamp="2007-08-14T12:27:06Z" ns="0" title="William Whittingham" />
        <page value="20070814123603" timestamp="2007-08-14T12:36:03Z" ns="0" title="John Richardson" />
        <page value="20070909115950" timestamp="2007-09-09T11:59:50Z" ns="0" title="Armada de Chile" />
        <page value="20070909120103" timestamp="2007-09-09T12:01:03Z" ns="0" title="Armada EspaƱola" />
        <page value="20071011221424" timestamp="2007-10-11T22:14:24Z" ns="0" title="Royal Dockyards" />
        <page value="20071026174712" timestamp="2007-10-26T17:47:12Z" ns="0" title="Royal Marine Forces" />
        <page value="20071117123831" timestamp="2007-11-17T12:38:31Z" ns="0" title="Royal Spanish Navy Officer Ranks" />
        <page value="20071117172502" timestamp="2007-11-17T17:25:02Z" ns="0" title="Royal Hellenic Navy Officer Ranks" />
        <page value="20071118114733" timestamp="2007-11-18T11:47:33Z" ns="0" title="Ottoman Navy Officer Ranks" />