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Torpedoboot KM Wolf, 1928

Wolf was an interwar torpedoboot (small destroyer) for Germany of the Raubtier class.

These plans are dated 1940, and may have been part of planning for a refit of the vessel. Various sources report that she had radar when lost in 1941, and these drawings (duplicated from construction drawings, perhaps?) do not reflect this fact.

Thanks to David Dickson and Fred Milford for alerting me to which "Wolf" this was.

"SMS Wiesbaden" provides the following information:

There is the notice on the plans that the boat got a beam-extension about 60cm between frame 20 and 60 at the Deutsche Werke, Kiel. As there is another box with the notice "Berichtigungen Mai-Aug 1940 St. DW AG (corrections, ...)" this should have taken place between Mai and August 1940, befor the boat was transfered to the West.

Your suggestion that this plan is a copy is validated by the imprint "Lichtpause" (copy) on the sheets

There is more data on her at German-Navy.de.