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Kanonneerboot K1-K3, 1938

These ships were Dutch gunboats captured before they were completed. The Germans took over construction and completed them. The drawings here depict K3 and an indeterminate one labelled "ontwerp", which I think is just Dutch for "design". At any rate, the "ontwerp" differs from the finished vessels.

Notice the different armament (40mm guns on ontwerp with an extra rangefinder aft, as opposed to 37mm/20mm on K3) and language ("Schaal" vs "Masstab" to connote scale).

Jacob v/d Burgh emailed to point out some things he noticed:

I found this while searching via Google for information concerning the Dutch K-series gunboats. Because I am Dutch and have a little knowledge of the class, I can perhaps clarify some points you made in the entry K3. The first drawing you have shows the Dutch design plans, while the second design is a copy of the Dutch plans with German modifications. This is clear because of three differences:
  1. the second plan has German notes
  2. the second plan (generalplan) shows the AA outfit has been changed to German weaponry. Every Dutch warship was armed with 40 mm Bofors guns as AA defence. This was because the Dutch found the Swedish 40 mm gun to be superior to any other AA gun and because they designed a stabilisation system that enhanced the accuracy of the gun while at sea (known as the Hazemeyer stabilisation system, which was copied by the Americans for massproduction in 1942). Also, the second design has additional AA guns, 20 mm, while the pre-war Dutch designers would have chosen 12,7 mm if they found this necessary (the first 20 mm Oerlikon guns were installed on Dutch ships from 1940 onwards).
  3. the initial Dutch design (algemeen) envisioned depth charges to be installed (at the stern you can see 2 'Goot voor 6 dieptebommen', which translates as 'Gutter for six depthcharges'). The second, German design doesn't incorporate this feature.

Now that I look carefully after reading Jacob's observation about the depth charge rack, I see that the German version retained the 4 minesweeping paravanes (delightfully called "otters" in German!) and replaced the stern depth charge racks with a pair of roll-off charges and a double bomb-throwing mortar with a second further forward. I'd say this would permit the German ship to throw a 12 charge pattern out.

German-navy.de has more information on the K3.