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HMS Dreadnought, 1906

Models by Max Yang and Tony Lovell

Dreadnought was the influential conception of the mercurial Jackie Fisher.  She broke the evolutionary pattern of battleship design by eliminating a diverse collection of weaponry in favor of an outfit of guns that combined as many of the largest guns as possible with an anti-torpedoboat battery composed of the lightest guns deemed sufficient to ward off these small attackers.  Additionally, she heralded the first use of turbines to powering major warships, and this gave her a 3 knot speed advantage over her predecessors.  The result was a clean design with 10 12-inch guns disposed such that 8 could fire over either broadside.

Dreadnought was built in a little over a year -- a very fast construction cycle which reflected the strenuous imperatives Jackie Fisher placed upon her delivery.  Essentially, all navies felt that their future ships would have to adhere to her principles of all-big-gun armament, and a cycle of ever spiralling costs and displacements followed.

Two models are show, with Max Yang's being featured as it is textured and more complete in general, although Tone's remains more complete in a few details.