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HMS Acheron 1911

HMS Acheron

HMS Acheron, 1911

A Thornycroft "Special" of the Royal Navy's "I" Class destroyer.

Model by Tony Lovell and Troels Hansen

The "I" Class is sometimes also called "Repeat Acorn Class", and sometimes the "Acheron Class".  This is unusual, as the Acheron herself is a builder-customized variant, or "Special" who differed from her nominal sisters by being around 11 feet longer, and being 2 knots faster than the Admiralty design, thanks to 2,000 additional horsepower (Acheron 29 knots, 15,500 S.H.P.)


Acheron and her sisters all had the same armament.

Guns 2 4-inch B.L. Mark VIII on P. V. mounting 72 common shell, 168 Lyddite, 28 practice (total)
  2 12-pdrs, 12 cwt., Q.F., on P. VI. mounting. 60 common, 140 Lyddite, 20 practice (total)
Torpedoes 2 single 21" tubes (23 feet long) 4 21-inch torpedoes (Mk II?)


About the model

The model is detailed, but not complete.  In particular, her 4" guns are not complete and the 12 pdrs I show in the renders are adapted from incomplete 12 pdrs of a different type (18 cwt. Mark I's on P. IV.*) from my earlier model of HMS Dreadnought. Troels Hansen took my Rhino 3D model and converted it to 3DMax, adding greatly to its visual appeal with expert texturing.

Renders of Model

Photos of the Ship

If your have additional images of this ship or her sisters, please contact me.

Men who served in HMS Acheron

Martin Lewis found my site and has sent me a photo of his uncle, who served in HMS Acheron.  He joined the Royal Navy about 1906 under the name Alexander Wenstone, discarding his German name as an act of political expediency as he did so.  I hope to have more details soon.

Alexander Wenstone
Alexander Wenstone
Alexander Wenstone