Sep. 11th 2007

I have updated the articles again. Made a bunch of corrections and added a bit more infos.

Feb. 2nd 2007

First ingame screenshots of the early pre alpha !!!

That one that i had promesed till last new-year to some, but not delivered. Sorry guys but i was totaly at the limit of my capacity.
This chrismas and new-yeaar were so incredebly busy. More ingame stuff soon.

( Click on the image )

Oct. 21st 2006

A new italy sea man Bertgang joins the team, as a tester in the first place.

Oct. 1st 2006

We are pre alpha!
Finaly, after 3 years of design, research and modeling the coding stage have started a while ago. WAHOO!!!

Expect the first in game screen shots at chrismas.

May 19th 2006


We miss our mate Seeteufel since a longer time now, who suddenly disappeared without a trace.
Dude where are you ?

Sept. 1st 2005

The Flotilla is growing again. The very promesing Seeteufel is joining the Team.

Aug. 28th 2005

Major update of the U1 article

June 22nd 2005

Article page updated with a link to an awesome u-boat story:

The Diary of a U-boat Commander

June 7th 2005

No we are not dead!

Our Flotilla is growing again, Kpt Lothar from the polish ORZEL Project joins our team to make a joint venture with us and develope
a common naval warfare engine with us that is supposed to be used in both projects.


Dec. 31th 2004

Ok, the official Website of Imperial U-Flotilla 1914-1918, is up now.

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