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Handbook for Fire Control Instruments 1909

Handbook for Fire Control Instruments


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My copy of this is a set of digital photographs of copy number 173 residing at the Admiralty Historical Library in Portsmouth. It bears a promulgation note dated 23rd February, 1910, and mentions that it obsoletes a 1906 edition.

The contents of this edition are helpful in dating the adoption of various equipment, especially when used in conjuction with other sources, such as the 1914 edition of the same handbook.  Torpedo drill books would also be helpful cross references.



Copy of Admiralty Letter dated 21st September 1908
Chapter I.
  General Arrangement of Control Positions and Transmitting Stations
Chapter II.
  Details of Vickers, Son, and Maxim instruments
Chapter III.
  Details of Siemens instruments
Chapter IV.
  Details of Barr and Stroud instruments
Chapter V.
  Rate of Change, Bearing, and other special instruments
Chapter VI.
  Gun ready, Target visible, and fire gong circuits
Chapter VII.
  Details of Wiring, Group Switches, Navyphones and Voice tubes
Chapter VIII.
  Fire control installations in small ships
Chapter IX.
  Light Q.F. and Searchlight control
--  I.
  List of Ships fitted with various installations
-- II.
  Number of instruments supplied to each class of ship


NOTE: I was very tired when photographing this volume, and skipped most of the plates, as I felt I had the drawings from the 1914 edition already.  The ones in yellow I did not photograph
  Plate number
Vickers' fire control instruments. Diagrammatic circuit
Vickers' range transmitter 2  
Vickers' combined range and deflection receiver 3  
Vickers' check fire switch 4  
Vickers' combined receiver.  Drum correcting device. 5  
Siemens' fire control instruments, Marks I. and II.  Diagrammatic circuit 6  
Siemens' Mark I. range transmitter 7  
Siemens' Mark I. range receiver 8  
Siemens' order transmitter 9  
Siemens' order receiver 10  
Barr and Stroud fire control instruments, Mark II.  Diagrammatic circuit 11  
Barr and Stroud Mark II. combined transmitter 12  
Barr and Stroud Mark II. transmitter and receiver elements 13  
Barr and Stroud combined receiver 14  
Barr and Stroud single range transmitter and receiver 15  
Barr and Stroud combined transmitter and receiver , Internal wiring 16  
Barr and Stroud Mark I. order transmitter 17  
Barr and Stroud Mark I. receiver 18  
Barr and Stroud rate-of-change transmitter (early type) 19  
Barr and Stroud rate-of-change receiver (early type) 20  
Barr and Stroud bearing transmitter (early type), Diagrammatic circuit 21  
Barr and Stroud bearing transmitter (early type) 22  
Barr and Stroud bearing receiver (early type) 23  
Barr and Stroud bearing and rate-of-change transmitter (latest type) 24  
Barr and Stroud bearing and rate-of-change receiver (latest type) 25  
Fire gong and key, Vickers' 26  
Fire gong and key, Siemens' 27  
Fire gong and key, Graham 28  
Gun ready and target visible signals.  Diagrammatic circuit. 29  
Fire gong circuits (with relays) 30  
Fire gong circuits (with fuse box) 31  
Fire gong and indicating lamp circuit, H.M.S. "St. Vincent" 32  
Supply leads, Method of wiring from switchboard 33  
Group switches, Systems of wiring 34  
Group switches, Vickers' 35  
Group switches, Siemens' and Barr and Stroud 36  
Group switches, Siemens' (cover removed) 37  
Group switches, Barr and Stroud (cover removed) 38  
Wiring, Siemens', general system 39  
Wiring, Vickers' and Barr and Stroud, general system 40  
Wiring, lead of cables into turrets 41  
Wiring, between transmitting stations and guns 42  
Wiring, between control positions and transmitting stations 43  
Wiring, Captain's cease-fire gong circuit 44  
Secondary control by telephone 45  
Mechanical cross-connecting gear, Vickers' 46  
Mechanical cross-connecting gear, Barr and Stroud 47  
"Follow the pointer" instruments, Mark I.  Diagrammatic circuit 48  
"Follow the pointer" instruments, Mark I.  Transmitter 49  
"Follow the pointer" instruments, Mark II.  Diagrammatic circuit 50  
"Follow the pointer" instruments, Mark II.  Transmitter and receiver 51  
Fire control circuits, H.M.S. "Boadicea" 52  
Fire control circuits, "Gem" class 53  
Fire control circuits, "Scout" class 54  
Fire control circuits, "Beagle class 55  
Light Q.F. and searchlight control gear for battleships 56