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Addenda to Torpedo Manual, Vol. III

Addenda to Torpedo Manual, Vol. III.

Handbook for R.G.F. Torpedoes, 14-inch Marks IX-XI. and 18-inch Marks I.*-VI*.


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15cm x 24.5cm



I have an original of this blue handbook, with a (copy number?) 945 in the upper right corner.  Its inner jacket is pencilled "H M Groves Personal Copy" though the name is sloppy and could be a different one.

The book has no table of contents, so I have noted some of the sections below and recorded the names of the plates.

Pistols, Primers and War Heads 2
Table of Weights of War Heads 3
Table of Weights of Exercising Heads
Table of Weights of Collision Heads 4
Air Vessels 4
Balance Chambers, 18-inch Marks I.-IV., 14-inch Marks IX., X., X.* 5
Balance Chambers, 14-inch R.G.F. Mark XI., and 18-inch R.G.F. Marks V. and V.* 7
Balance Chamber, 18-inch R.G.F. Marks VI.-VI.* 8
Table of Average Balance Chamber Measurements in R.G.F. Torpedoes 8
Valve Groups 8
Table of Weights to Test the Pull of Water Tripper 10
Counters 12
Impact Stopping Gear 17
Controlling Gear 18
Table of Controlling Gear Adjustments 20
Engines 20
Table of Particulars of Engines 24
Afterbodies, Woolwich Type Torpedoes 24
Wheel Gearing 28
Tail Frames 29
General Information 30
Table of Lengths of Various Compartments 31
Table of Average Buoyancies of Torpedoes 32
Table of Speeds and Ranges for Which Torpedoes are Adjusted to Run 33
General Differences of the Various Marks 34
Parting Torpedoes 39
Notes on Parting 39
Where Only a Partial Examination is Required to Remedy Small Defects 40
Process of Parting the 14-inch R.G.F. Mark IX. and 18-inch R.G.F. Marks I.*-IV. 40
Process of Parting the 14-inch R.G.F. Mark X. and X.* 44
Process of Parting the 14-inch R.G.F. Mark XI. 47
Process of Parting the 18-inch R.G.F. Mark V. and V.* 50
Process of Parting the 18-inch Mark VI. - VI.* R.G.F. 53


I. Methods of Securing Air Vessel Ends into Shells of R.G.F. Torpedoes 2
II. Wrench for Removing Drain and Test Screw 1
III. Skeleton Diagrams Shewing Connections of Balance Chamber Mechanism to Horizontal Rudders in R.G.F. Torpedoes 2
IV. Typical Arrangement of R.G.F Type of Balance Chamber 2
V. Balance Chamber 18-inch R.G.F. Marks V & V* and 14-inch R.G.F. Mark XI Very Similar 2
VI. Typical Valve Group 18-inch R.G.F. Marks I*-V* and 14-inch R.G.F. Marks IX-X* & First 50 of Mark XI 2
VII. Valve Group 18-inch R.G.F. Mark V* in 59 Submerged Discharge Torpedoes (Nos 1361 to 1419) Only 1
VIII. Air Delay Arrangement for 14-inch R.G.F. Mark XI. 18-inch Mark VI Very Similar 2
IX. Adjusting Arrangement for 14-inch Mark XI Reducer, 18-inch Mark V* Very Similar 1
X. Counter Group R.G.F. Type 2
XI. Typical Modified Counter Gear for 18" Marks I*-V*, 14" Marks X and X* and First 50 Mark XI Very Similar 2
XII. Arrangement of Non-cocking, Starting, Stopping, Sinking & Counter Gear 14-inch R.G.F. Mark XI (After 1st Fifty) 2
XIII. After End of 18-inch R.G.F. Mark VI 2
XIV. R.G.F Design for Low Pressure Sinking Gear with Air Connection in Engine Room 1
XV. Impact Stopping Gear for Use With Collision Heads 2
XVI. Controlling Gear 2
XVII. Modifications to Controlling Gear (to Prevent Re-locking) 2
XVIII. Typical Design of R.G.F. Engines 2
XIX. Admission Cam & Slide Valves, Later Type of R.G.F. 2
XX. Engine Room of 18-inch R.G.F. Mark VI 2
XXI. Sectional Elevation of a Typical R.G.F. Tail 2
XXII. Section Thro' A.B. on Plate XXI Looking Aft 1



From page 2:

The actual torpedoes dealt with in this book comprise the following:

14-inch Marks IX., X., X.*, XI.

18-inch Marks I*., II*., III., IV., V., V*., VI., VI*.

These torpedoes may be found in:

14-inch Mark IX. Second and Third Class Cruisers and T.B.s (a few H.B.)
  X. T.B.s and gropping gear
  X*. Dropping gear
  XI. Dropping gear
18-inch Mark I.*-II.* H.B. and S.L. in ships
  III. S.L., T.B.D.
  IV. H.B. and S.L. in ships and T.B.D.s
  V. H.B.
  V.* H.B. and S.L. in ships and T.B.D.s and submarines
  VI. T.B.D.s
  VI.* H.B. and S.L. in ships and T.B.D.s

ed note:  I do not know what S.L and H.B. mean.